The road of life is a busy one.  It is full of twist and turns.  It is full of traffic jams, stop lights, wrong way signs and so much more.   Navigating itself can be a challenge.  Sometimes the roads we travel are smooth and enjoyable.  They are full of great scenery.  They are full of adventure and excitement.

Then sometimes that road turns a little rocky.  It tends to jar us around a little.  We encounter difficult obstacles that we have to navigate around, over or through.  Depending on the complexity of these obstacles (circumstances) determines the actions that are required to make it through.

Although I am trying to use the analogy of driving along difficult roads,  the principle holds true for roads of life we travel down each and every day.  There are those times that we seem as though everything is going smooth just as we would like it too.  We are enjoying the scenery and the adventures.  (The smooth road)

And even though we travel on smooth roads, there are still ups and downs along the way.    Then there are the times that things get bumpy.  These can be times of hurt, financial distress, job loss, etc.  These are the things that can take a huge toll on us.  These are the obstacles that are not so easily navigated at times.  Depending the circumstance, some of them will take a little longer to get through.

Unfortunately, that is life.  Things happen, but both good and the not so good.  No matter what it is that you go through (whichever road you travel), Just know that you will be able to navigate around it, over it or even right through it.  We are all put here for a purpose.  We are all traveling down the road of life.  Everyone goes off on a gravel road at times.  We all hit the pot holes, go down one way streets in the wrong direction.

The good thing, all these mishaps can be corrected and fixed.  Life is a journey.  Take the time to look around during those smooth rides, take in the views, the blessings and be thankful.  Then as you get off on those rocky roads, as difficult as they may be at times, take time to look around, there are lessons to be learned.  Lessons that will navigate you through these temporary rough rides.

The road of life is full of surprises.  Both good and not so good.  But that is ok.  Be sure to take the roads that are for you.  Not everyone travels the same roads.  They may cross paths, but just because one road appears to be great for someone else, that doesn’t mean it will be for you.  Everyone is different on purpose.

Do not be afraid to take the road less traveled at times.  Sometimes those are the greatest journeys.  If you veer off the road, slow down, correct what caused it and get back on.

Life is a journey, take hold of it, embrace it, but don’t forget to learn as you go.  Keep your eyes looking forward.  If you spend too much time looking behind you, you will miss beautiful things right in front of you.

Life is a journey, not a destination.

Until next time….

I am a pretty simple guy, or at least I try to be. I love being outside and taking unexpected trips or adventures. I would love to be a seasoned writer some day. I try to improve upon myself each day. I have a beautiful wife and loving family who are my world.

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