Let me preface this by saying, my wife and I don’t typically plan in too much detail the things that we might do on any given day or weekend.  We are usually a spur of the moment couple.  We may take off and drive with no known destination and end up two or three states away.  This holds true to just about anything we do.

With that said, there are many things in our lives that could or should require more planning, more discussion, more details lined out, etc.  Depending on the event or task, we may tend to procrastinate.  That may be due to uncertainty, fear of the unknown or many other reasons.

Sometimes when we make plans, whether it is a day out or a major vacation, Those plans can be changed at a moments notice.  Or when we plan, we are expecting something specific for our experience.  This can lead to disappointment when those expectations are not met for some reason or another.

Our lives are meant to be lived.  We are meant to be a joyful people, experiencing life at its fullest.

My wife and I have just recently made a major move to another state with very little planning.  This is pretty typical of us, as mentioned at the start of this blog.  But, we felt that the time to do this was now.  So, we took the leap of faith and moved to our new location.

My point is, not everything in life is best planned out.  There are things we would like to do, but do not because of some reason.  One of the worst things we can do in our lives is not go after our dreams.  If we sit back and wonder, we will never know how it would have worked out.  It doesn’t matter if you succeed or fail, it only matters that you took the leap and tried.  If it doesn’t work out, you learn from it and keep moving forward.

There are so many amazing things in this life to see and to explore.  Don’t let anything stop you from chasing a dream.

Is there something you have been putting off that you are passionate about doing, something you want to see, something you want to try?  Take the leap and go for it.  Maybe it will take a small amount of planning, but don’t plan yourself right out of doing whatever it is that you want to do.

Always keep your head up, your eyes facing forward and keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Remember, don’t keep looking back, unless you are looking to see how far you have come!

Until next time…

I am a pretty simple guy, or at least I try to be. I love being outside and taking unexpected trips or adventures. I would love to be a seasoned writer some day. I try to improve upon myself each day. I have a beautiful wife and loving family who are my world.

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